A bit about me

I’m crafty, I love a secondhand bargain, and I am very partial to anything “ethnic” – as much as I hate the word  – but you probably guessed that much already. What else can I tell you about myself? I grew up in Melbourne but spent much of my adult life in Tokyo, including eight years in various roles at Japanese Vogue*. Since coming back to Melbourne my work has mainly been to do with words – sub-editing them at my day job, writing them for Peppermint magazine and websites and translating them for various Japanese magazines and publishing companies. But woman cannot live on words alone (well, this woman can’t!), so in my spare time I fiddle around with beads and fabric and all that kind of good stuff and sometimes even manage to make something to wear. I also like cruising markets and op shops, finding out about eco-friendly stuff, meeting new cat friends and occasionally even human ones, reading, travelling and running, although preferably not all at the same time.

*I blog about all things Melbourne for them, by the way! Take a look – best if you can read Japanese. ヴォーグニッポンのブログも書いています。よかったら見てください!