Lost in the Wilderness?

Hello! You have somehow found your way into Style Wilderness. Maybe you’ve followed the trail over from my original blog, or maybe you just snuck in through the shrubbery, but now that I have your attention, let me explain how things work around here.

Until 2014, Style Wilderness was a relatively random, bi-weekly affair, kept vaguely cohesive mainly through the themes of DIY, opshopping, eco-fashion and travel, both domestic and international. I still love those things, and I’m guessing you do too, seeing as you are here (“I was told there would be cats!” I can hear some of you saying… there will be, all in good time!). However, posting twice a week was leaving me little time to actually work on DIY projects, so the shiny new Wilderness will be coming to you on something akin to a weekly basis. It has also occurred to me that I don’t travel or drool over images of fabulous textiles and handcrafts from all over the world nearly enough, but through the magic of the internet, I can do both these things and take you along for the ride too, if you so desire.

In short, I will be mixing fashion stories and DIY posts to show you what I’ve made and what I’ve found in op shops with posts about the traditional crafts of a particular country, and perhaps a post featuring an interview with someone who works with the artisans from that country. So if you’re into fair trade, sustainability, ethical fashion and all that good stuff, you just might want to come back and see me sometime. If you enjoy finding out easy, cheap ways to stay healthy in mind and body, check in with me mid-week for my Wellness Wednesday series. And if your attention span is a little short to read actual posts but you want to stay in the loop,  you might want to like my Facebook page or follow me on Instagram or Twitter – my social media accounts are where you’ll find the cats and plenty more cute animals, along with DIY inspo and info about environmental issues).

Now that we’re acquainted, feel free to take a look around. I hope you like what I’ve done with the place.