March: denim, an embroidered cap and pom poms






In case you had wondered what had happened to the denim jacket I’ve been “weathering” since August, the answer is, not much. Denim is obviously pretty sturdy stuff as it has hardly faded at all, but at least it kind of blends in with my 15-year-old jeans. Not as much as the jacket I was trying to replace this one with (the lesson for today is never, NEVER get rid of ANYTHING), but it doesn’t look brand new, at least. Laziest (but most time consuming?) DIY ever – just hang your clothing outside! I was thinking I might also cut off the collar and cuffs but now I’m reconsidering… what do you think?
There are two other DIYs in this post – an embroidered cap and shoe pom poms –  as per my new scheduling idea. I’ll be back with the how-to for the cap next time!