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DIY drama: Chinese opera coat

When I’m in need of everyday-type procrastination, I rummage through The Fabric Stash On The Floor In The Spare Room. But for special occasions, I treat myself to a rummage through The Fabric… Continue reading

Margherita Missoni loves Hmong haute couture

Hands up who loves checking out Tommy Ton’s fashion week street snaps as much as I do…. And hands up who loves seeing celebs mixing ethnic dress with designer threads? Being a member… Continue reading

Lao’d and proud

So, as I mentioned the other day, it’s now been a year since I started this blog! Well, more than a year now. But not quite a year since my first proper post.… Continue reading

Patchy presents

Being notoriously tight, when friends get hitched I often pretend I know nothing of bridal registries and instead whip up something for them on my sewing machine using bits of kimono and other… Continue reading