Taking a chance on pants

Not long ago I experienced the unparalleled joy of visiting EIGHT, yes EIGHT op shops in the one morning. This journey was not as lucrative as it might sound, as I only ended up purchasing a woven bag (most likely from Papua New Guinea originally) for $8, and some Amco pants for $1, plus the usual sewing patterns which hardly even need mentioning (I must count my sewing patterns one day. That’s priority #943 on my list of things to do). The pants were too short, not that you can tell that from this picture here where I’m trying to do a typical 70s style pose (note the wood panelling in the background… perfect for this shot, and just something I happened to have lying around .. or more to the point, my family home doesn’t exactly boast up-to-the-minute decor). They would have looked chic-lady-who-runs-a-safari-company perfect with heels if they had been just a few centimetres longer. Damn those short people who give their stuff to op shops! The pants have since caused me no end of puzzlement as to how to make them wearable, but are currently pinned and waiting for me to take to them with the sewing machine so that I can wear them while it’s still vaguely warm, as I think socks would ruin the sort of styling that I have in mind. So anyway, the reason I was doing this pose where you can see my behind is that I was sure I could find an Amco ad or some 70s ad which shows the butt of a girl wearing jeans, but when I googled Amco I could only find this other picture, which is indeed very 70s but not quite what I was looking for. Oh well, a little compromise doesn’t hurt sometimes.