Crushing on colour

So I know you’re all dying to know what happened to the pants I bought for $1. I’d firstly like to say, if you ARE dying to find out about them, you seriously need to get a life. But it’s hardly for me to tell you to get a life, seeing as I spent about an hour fiddling around in the garden trying to get a decent shot of them. It’s a bit hard to see, but basically I tapered the legs and took them up to a few centimetres above the ankle. I wore this outfit (minus the turban) to dinner the other night and a total stranger (unfortunately not the young, hot, available variety – think more along the lines of a kindly middle-aged American tourist) came up and complimented me on my use of colour. In a city which loves its black, I suppose I did stand out a little bit.
Here’s a close up of my top
half for anyone who’s still reading… I love to mix stuff up, as you can see…
Indian tie-dyed scarf worn as a turban from Savers, chunky turquoise necklace from Nepal, red bead necklace with pink tassels – I made it from beads bought in India for about $1 all up I think, and pink wool bought at an op shop. Blue jacket was about $8 from Salvos and I think it was probably made as the top half of an Asian-style suit (think Singapore airlines) as the pattern on the fabric seems Thai to me, but I love that it’s so fitted and sort of looks a bit African too (in my imagination anyway. Apologies to any Africans, or indeed persons of any nationality who are reading this and thinking “say what!“).
Bangles are from India and Laos. Silver ring with a cat’s eye stone in it is from India, prescribed to me by a fortune teller who said it would bring me motivation. This is yet to happen, unless you count being motivated to write a blog about the contents of my wardrobe instead of doing some serious work, in which case the ring is extremely effective. Other ring which you can’t see has a bamboo sort of pattern and is from Turkey. Pants, of course from the Brotherhood of St Laurence. Did I mention they were ONE DOLLAR? Shoes for $10, by Gap.