Fourth Daughter retrospective

Talking myself up is something I am extremely bad at, as I was reminded today when I was asked to prepare for a little informal presentation to the Social Studio at the end of June. I’m going to be talking about working at Vogue Nippon in Tokyo, the Fair Trade project I did with People Tree, kimono and my label Fourth Daughter, sustainable fashion and generally a whole lot of other stuff which I realise I have not mentioned at all on this blog yet … and which is too much to cover in one post.
This is
the sort of stuff I’m actually trying to get organised to put up on my website, which is currently under construction (read: am still scanning stuff from Vogue etc to upload in a half-arsed fashion when I have five minutes in between writing articles, translating books and playing with my cat… hmm, which of those is most important? I’ll leave that up to you to guess).
Anyway, I had to send some pictures of my dresses to the moderator of the talk so that it can be promoted to all those people out there who want to listen to me crap on for about half an hour, and found a few shots that I thought I’d share… really need to get on to making dresses again but the deadline for my translation is looming so I’ll have to blatantly flog my talents at a later date. The magazine shots are of a model and Mischa Barton in my label, and the other two shots are (extremely obviously) not a model, as they are ME.
I wore the green dress to the Cox Plate last year and I could have won a bet if I’d ignored the horses and instead put my
money on the fact that I had the least expensive and greenest outfit on the field in both senses of the word…
Dress – made from recycled kimono which cost maybe
$5 in Tokyo and is HAND DYED in the shibori technique… felt like a criminal cutting it up, but otherwise I would have had to go to the races naked, and I think that would have been more of a crime. Hat and belt – I made both myself from a straw hat from the Salvos, $3, handbag was $1 from an op shop in Tokyo and I coloured it in myself with fabric textas, earrings also from an op shop, gloves $7 or so from the Salvos, and shoes from Nicole when she was having a crazy spring clean (probably to make way for new Balenciaga heels or something equally fancy!)… so that’s a grand total of about … well under $20 anyway!! It comes close to being my cheapest outfit, probably. What’s the least you’ve ever spent on a whole outfit, I’d be interested to know…