Pool hair

Not being able to run is doing my head in.* It’s also doing my hair in, because I’m having to go swimming instead**, and as if I don’t already have crap enough hair that is so fine I can’t do anything with it, the chlorine and my can’t-do attitude towards hair styling now combine to make it even more unmanageable. I had it cut on the weekend but it made little difference. Being half Asian, you’d think I’d have a thick, glossy, mane in a lustrous black, but no, I don’t seem to have inherited THAT at all. Straight, shiny locks, anyone? “No thanks,” said my cells. “We’d prefer slightly but not consistently wavy hair that frizzes out at the slightest hint of moisture but also somehow manages to cling limply to your skull.”
So today’s pose is somewhat of a display of multi-tasking… it hides my horrible hair while it also shows off this cute blouse b
y old-lady brand Dolina that I found for $7 at the op shop last week while I was waiting for my car tyres to be changed. Seeing as that operation took two hours I had time to kill and was forced*** to go through the op shop (THOUGHTFULLY LOCATED IN THE SAME SHOPPING CENTRE) for most of that time… and conveniently they had a huge $1 sale, so I also scored two dresses and some army pants. But this blouse was the most photogenic… it has red ruffles! And long cords at the neck that you can tie or leave dangling! And TASSELS!!! *swoon* My bracelets are also from op shops and were 50c each I think.

*I ran 15k recently for the first time in ages and my calf muscle decided that was just being too enthusiastic, so it went on strike. It’s becoming good friends with Miss Physio.
**I have to work off stress somehow! Would be so much easier to take up drinking or smoking, but exercise is cheaper. The tightarse gene is also from the Asian side of the family.
***I made a beeline there as soon as I’d handed over my keys to Mr Beaurepaires.