So Ethic, So Melbourne

Aah Melbourne. It’s mid-winter but feels like spring. At least it did this morning when I made the decision to wear open-toed shoes and black fake-fur legwarmers.* Had I known it was later going to pour with rain, I just may have chosen more sensible footwear. But Melbourne likes to keep its inhabitants on their toes, so to speak. In this case, on their wet toes. I ventured soggily into the city to attend the So Ethic shop launch, having been invited as part of the Moral Fairground team but also being informed about it through my connections at Peppermint. So Ethic and its neighbours on Rebecca Walk (along the Yarra, corner of Flinders and King streets) are apparently going to form part of an eco-precinct full of stores selling ethical/sustainable/recycled wares, which will be pretty exciting! I took a few snaps at the store which stocks clothing, footwear, accessories and beauty products, but my favourite label was Samant Chauhan whose designs were all in black and with amazing details, which unfortunately do not really show up very well in the photos, so you’ll have to go and have a look for yourselves. Following from my chance meeting on Thursday with Poppy Kat, I bumped into Green Chick, another blogger with eco-interests who has visited Style Wilderness a few times and was featured in the latest issue of Peppermint. It’s so nice to meet people who up until now I’ve only had cyber-contact with!

*Years ago I bought a large quantity (like, 9 metres) of black fake fur as I had made a black fake fur jacket as part of my collection. I only got an order for one jacket so I had to use up the rest of the material somehow… these legwarmers/fake boots were part of that attempt. Have you ever sewed with fake fur? It’s like REAL cat fur… it gets into EVERYTHING. Cup of tea with fake fur, anyone?
I made the dress I’m wearing out of silk that a friend gave me, and (not that you can really see them very well) my shoes and coat are from an op shop – of course!