Boy oh boy

While I sometimes bemoan my lack of feminine charms I will admit that sometimes it is handy not to have much going on in the bust or a butt area. I was reminded of this as I finished my shower after a long swimming session yesterday and went to dry myself, only to remember that I had left my towel in the laundry … ie it was not in my swimming bag. At all. Now if my cups had runneth over, this would have presented something of a problem, but as I’m a cup-not-even-a quarter-full kind of gal, I simply got out my handkerchief and dried my entire self with that. And let me tell you, the hanky wasn’t even very big. Sigh.

Oh, and another good thing about having the body of a 12-year-old boy is that I can wear 12-year-old boy jackets that I find at op shops for $2.50.
Like this one, which has a Sears label on it indicating it is for boys of age 12. Not for women in their 30s. But if you don’t tell them, I won’t either.