Romance wasn’t exactly born…

Do you ever get sick of having a normal pet like a cat or dog (sorry, Suki and Kelly!)? Don’t you sometimes think it would be fun to have, oh, I don’t know, a pink and white fluffy triceratops with a crystal horn who would welcome you home every night?

Well, your search is over… fashion label Romance Was Born has teamed up with artist Kate Rohde (she went to my school!! I remember doing athletics with her!!But I’m not famous and she is!) for exhibition Renaissance Dinosaur at the Karen Woodbury gallery and there are plenty of .. dare I use the Regretsy term.. whimsical.. creatures to choose from if you have a few thousand dollars to spare. But hurry, the exhibition is only until September 18.

To paraphrase that hideous Veruca Salt, ‘but Daddy, I want an ermine with plugs of colourful hair growing out of its back, NOW!’

There were also things to wear. The Spring Racing Carnival is coming up, and I think crystal antelope horns should be on every girl’s shopping list as the headwear of the season. Do you think the green or the purple would look best on me?

The purple would go with the jacket I made
but the green is soothing somehow, and the races do tend to get a bit chaotic… hmmm… choices, choices…
There actually is a dress and a bag available at the exhibition, both are printed with the wallpaper which shows that fantastic furry ermine.

There was also a massive Dell Katherine Barton painting … here is the painting in its entirety and I also took some closeups of various bits.

… as for the title of this post, after I went to the gallery I trekked over to a school friend’s place to eat copious amounts of spit-roast pig and chat about the pitfalls and pluses of online dating, which I am yet to try but makes for interesting conversation on a Saturday night. If romance ever is born, I will let you know, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.