Cheapest racewear outfit EVER?

… So as I mentioned a few posts ago, I decided to make an outfit to enter Fashions on the Field at the Cox Plate on Saturday. I’ll go into a few more details about the actual making of the outfit and how much it cost in a later post because I just wanted to put up photos in this one.

For those of you overseas or interstate, the Spring Racing Carnival is a big deal in Melbourne and an excellent excuse to show off fancy frocks and hats … oh and there are a few horse races in there somewhere too. My reason for attending the Cox Plate was to ogle all the outfits for inspiration and hopefully boost my motivation to make more dresses as it has been sadly lacking lately. My friends and I headed straight for the Fashions on the Field area at Moonee Valley so I could register ….

Of course I also wanted to check out the competition! Here are a few snaps including some of the Young Contemporary Racewear catwalk (the gorgeous girl holding the number 3 was the winner)…

My friend probably got some shots of me on the catwalk but I haven’t got them from her yet and let’s just say they possibly won’t be that flattering. This shot was taken after the competition (which of course I did not win!) .. I didn’t realise there was a photographer in the background until my friends stopped taking shots and he called out for me to turn around so he could snap me.

Stupidly I did not ask where he was from and couldn’t chase him to find out due to the hedge in between us! Damn paparazzi, they always do this to me… haha!! As soon as he was finished, another photographer called me over to ask my name as he had taken some shots when I was on the catwalk. I’ve just found this one … not exactly my finest moment!! It was FREEZING and really windy and just at the moment when I had to do my individual walk in front of the judges, the wind blew my hat off.
Suffice to say, I did not get many good shots at the actual event, which is why I went psycho with the camera yesterday at home.

After spending nearly a week making this @#$%$ outfit, I think it deserves some showing off!!