Jemima and Geraldine wanted to know…

It’s a rainy weekend here in Melbourne but I’m on a scavenger hunt as Miss Claire tagged me. Fortunately it’s a virtual scavenger hunt or I would be soaked by now! Join me if you like!

Favourite YouTube vid: I can only very rarely watch YouTube as my internet speed is so slow (yes, am trying to change providers… aggh) but at a Fair Trade event the other night they screened this video so I thought I would put it up as a blatant attempt to promote Fair Trade products, seeing as I’m running the fashion show at Fair@Square! Don’t worry, the video’s not preachy, and there are lots of semi-naked uni students running around in it. What’s not to like!?

Post a picture of something geeky: how about something Gleeky? I haven’t even seen the first series of Glee, let alone the second, but what I have seen, I’ve loved!
(I’m talking about the musical arrangements and choreography, of course!)

Find a picture of something that makes you go awwwwwwwwwwww: well, regular readers would guess what’s coming… a cat picture. But instead of Suki, here’s a picture of a cat I don’t know from a source I don’t remember.

I’ve been thinking of doing Feline Fine Friday where I put up a different cat pic every Friday, do you like that idea?
Find a funny T-shirt: I was actually trawling this site as it never fails to amuse me and there are often T-shirts with totally inappropriate quotes on them, when I found an ad for funny T-shirts, and as this song from Flight of the Conchords is hilarious, I’m putting up the pic of this shirt…

Doesn’t mean I would wear it, as I’m not really a T-shirt kind of girl. But I’d know what any guy wearing it had in mind!!! (That’s why they’re called business socks!!!)

Post a still from my favourite film:

My generally sarcastic and pessimistic nature is merely a foil. I am actually a hopeless romantic so this is a shot from A Room With a View, the 1986 version (of course! That more recent one was a SACRILEGE!) with Helena Bonham Carter before she became kooky, and Julian Sands. Definitely one of my favourite films of all time, in fact it was the reason I went to visit Florence. I wanted to do a Room With a View tour to Fiesole, where it was filmed, while I was there but the tour guide had broken his arm or something so I had to go by myself, which was quite an adventure! (Unfortunately did not encounter anyone even remotely resembling Julian Sands, but the landscape was gorgeous, at least…)

A blog I have recently discovered:
I won’t babble on about this blog except to say the writer looks like a supermodel and posts about all sorts of things and she seems to like cats as she commented on this post of mine and that’s how I found her. Aww.

Something from my wish list:

Yes, world peace and all that would be good. But I couldn’t find a picture of that, so had to settle for something else that is on my wish list. Eyelashes. I do have them but mine seem to be getting thinner and thinner, not that they were ever lush like these. My schoolfriend had such thick, curly lashes she could balance a pen on them! I was not jealous, not at all.

And now to tag three more bloggers who might like to do this…