Almost famous… a few years ago

Despite my relative anonymity now, back in the day I actually managed to get into a few “style snaps”-type spreads in fashion mags in various countries. So many, in fact, that I have NO recollection about some of them (well, not that many, but otherwise there is little excuse for my memory loss). Case in point, I was recently contacted by a photographer in Amsterdam who said she’d seen me in a magazine article and would I like to do some styling work with her. Having no idea what she was talking about, as I have not been in any overseas mags for quite a while, I asked her to send a scan of the story, and received this jpeg of a slightly worse-for-the-wear page from Vero Moda magazine.

Yes, that’s me, one of the “girls who knows what to wear right now” (lucky they did not interview me today, as “right now” I’m sitting here in tracksuit pants and a motheaten jumper from an op shop!).

I really had to think for a while about this article as I had close to no memory of actually having participated in this article, but, well, the photo was taken on a personal trip to Chicago, which means I must have supplied it to Vero Moda, which means I must have answered their questions, and I am always on the lookout for perfect black boots so yes, this was definitely a me-approved article. My guess is I must have met someone from the magazine at a fashion week somewhere and agreed to do it, but memory fails… slightly worrying!!
Around the same time that my grey cells were being challenged to recall my involvement with Vero Moda, The Clothing Exchange contacted me to say they had put up some words about me on their website. The same article features in the writer’s own personal blog. And then there’s a little bit up about me on Cecylia’s blog too (although you might have already seen the photos a week or so ago here).

Oh, and I am not credited at all (when do translators ever get much credit!?) but a few weeks ago this app was launched for iPhone…

I am proud to say that I was the translator for the original guidebook, Tokyo by Tokyo!
So if you’re heading over to Tokyo any time soon, and you are a technological type, download this app and take me with you in your pocket!
(Or for more old-fashioned travellers, you can always buy the book…)

OK, that’s enough of blowing my own trumpet, back to the daily grind!