Bikini zen

Well, everyone, it’s 2011. How are we all? Did you have a fabulous New Year’s Eve? What did you get up to? I got up, packed madly (hate packing… doesn’t matter how long I am going anywhere, always takes ages, especially when going somewhere in Victoria as you never know what the weather might do), drove about two hours to Sorrento where friends old and new were gathered, and promptly headed down to the beach.
What else could we do with the sun shining and new bikini tops begging to be baptised in the brine (OK, enough alliteration for one post!)?

The beach was the place to be, seeing as back in Melbourne it got to 41 degrees. New Year’s Eve day was therefore spent swimming, preparing food, eating, swimming, preparing food, and eating. And really not thinking about what I was wearing, which is unusual when there’s a party involved. But nothing wrong with that among friends who have seen you in your bathers, after all! (Don’t you love spending the day in a bikini?!)

Here’s to more of the good life as we enter 2011, which I’m hoping will usher in some positive changes – I know it’s up to me to dive in and grab opportunities if I want good things to happen, so here goes! It sounds crazily corny, but hopefully this picture will sum up how things will be this year, an endless ocean of opportunity ahead of me, with all the crap left behind. (No, that’s not actually crap in the photo, it’s seaweed, but I’m sure you get the drift!).

I hope 2011 is a great one for you too – I’m looking forward to having you along for the ride!