More bangles for no bucks

Remember how I said the other day that things were going to happen this year? Well, turns out I was right, if by “things” I meant “lovely people giving me bangles”. This week two different people fitted me out with spectacular new arm-our.

These ones are the result of a meeting at Kinfolk with Matt, a volunteer at Bicycles for Humanity. I contacted the organisation a little while ago with an idea for an accessories collaboration (which I’ll go into later when things start happening) and because he was in Africa at the time when he got my email, he kindly looked out for some accessories for me to kick things off. Here they are – what do you think these are made of?

At first glance I thought they were painted bone – but they are actually made from recycled PVC pipe. The pipes have a coloured coating, so the very clever, creative artists who made them carved out designs to reveal the underlying material (at least that’s what Matt thinks!).

These ones are by Paro Paro and were sent to me as a thank you for using the brand in the Fair@Square fashion show in December.The creator of this glossy gorgeousness is my newest follower (hi, Faye!)

Such a coincidence to receive two sets of bangles in one week, don’t you agree?

It seemed like cause for celebration… or at least offered a good excuse to lie on my stomach in front of this Chinese cabinet, snapping away with the Photo Booth function on my laptop…

…and offering up a little wish so that more creativity and happy circumstances find me (and you!) in the near future!