Catwalk debut in Mill Park

Where is Mill Park, I hear you ask… I asked exactly that question when I was invited to be a model in the Mill Park Savers store opening fashion show. I freely admit I had to look it up in the Melway (which, for non-Melburnians, is our street directory bible). Short answer: nowhere near where I live. So as I was getting a free day trip (and scoring FREE CLOTHES and getting to meet people and, um, hello, I LOVE Savers) I really couldn’t turn this offer down. It was worth the trip!

Oh, and before I get ahead of myself, I suppose some of you might want to know what this magical place called Savers is … basically, it is a massive, MASSIVE op shop, thrift store, charity store…. whatever you want to call a place that sells huge amounts of donated TREASURES. See? Rack upon rack of second hand GOLD! (although admittedly, there are not usually bloggers like this lovely lady taking photos of models among the treasures).
I’m going to do a proper post and explain what we got up to on the night, with catwalk pics etc when I get some from the organisers of the event, but for now here are a few happy snaps. Basically we got to choose two outfits to model, and keep one of them. Here are some of the models in their outfits…

Of course I got a few shots of what I wore too, although there will be better ones later (I hope!) For now, here are my own crappy snaps. Here’s the first outfit, “casual”:

Here’s the second, “formal”. I’m with Lara from Wardrobe Wonderland and her pal Chloe. Crazy heavy eyeliner, yes!? I’ll go into the makeup and everything in more detail when I get proper shots.

After the catwalk show we got to go shopping, and here’s what I got…
Shoes $9.99, necklace, bracelet, and earrings, $1 or so each, and a shoe horn for $2.99.

Yes, you read correctly, a shoe horn.

But not just any old shoe horn! Look at this little guy, isn’t he sweet?
He’s missing an eye but that’s probably part of the reason I couldn’t leave him there. The other reason is that he’s made in Japan, and I’m a sucker for anything retro and made in Japan.

I have a feeling that this picture ($3.99) was also made in Japan and is quite old, it’s a Mt Fuji scene and is completely embroidered.

Although I got a lot of comments (good ones!) about the green dress from outfit 2, it’s not something I’d wear every day, and I’m trying to be a bit more practical. So I kept my first outfit instead, which was a grey Target jumper from the boys’ section that would have cost something like $3 and a suede skirt and top with fringing by Morgan which was $19.99 for the set.

Hmm, what was that about being practical?? I don’t know that I’ll ever wear this top but I had to take it as part of the set, so maybe this is the universe (or the Savers staff, anyway) telling me to stretch my style boundaries!?