Feeling a bit tiery

Sorry! Some people play with their food, I play with my words. Although style like this is no laughing matter.

I still have a few scans from the Iris Apfel book I posted about last week and will put them up later, but just wanted to share more of the amazingness with you very quickly…. I am so in awe of her style – I LOVE everything about this outfit (the massive amber beads in the necklace! the chunky bangles! the perfection of the tiered dress – who knew that such humble colours could make such an impact?) but it was her turquoise collection (see post from last week) that had me obsessing. So much so that I signed up to eBay again (I was blackbanned from it for ages .. long, boring story but I haven’t been able to use it for about three years, so was pleasantly surprised to be able to register) and hunted for turquoise like a woman possessed for probably the better part of last weekend. I didn’t manage to find anything of the calibre of Iris’ rocks, but there is a pendant on its way to me now and I have bid on something else too. Oh dear!! I’m wondering whether there’s some deep spiritual reason I’m craving turquoise or whether it’s just the idolising of Iris that’s done it. Thoughts, anyone?