Play with your food – or wear it!

When you think of hens’ parties, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Male strippers? Excessive drinking? Vomiting all over your own shoes (or someone else’s, just for fun)?
Fortunately for me, my friends are all into more innocent pleasures. My friend V is also into CHIPS. So for her hen’s night this weekend, I made her this necklace.

Classy, no? It was surprisingly easy once I got started on a pack of Red Rock Deli Lime and Black Pepper (V’s flavour of choice). If you want to make your own crunchy, crafty necklace (which I’m sure you will as it goes with everything AND you can eat it if you get sick of it), all you need to do is carefully pass a darning needle threaded with wool through some chips, one at a time, then tie the wool in a bow when you finish.

Another reason you might want to wear this necklace is that people can’t hug you because the chips will be crushed. Perfect excuse for avoiding physical contact with people you don’t like!

Now I know some of you must be thinking “you shouldn’t play with food, it doesn’t grow on trees you know!” Well, you could have fooled me…

Don’t these golden ginkgo leaves remind you of chips?! The lawn in my garden is covered with them at the moment. I’m surprised I haven’t been visited by hordes of Gobbledoks!