Paris 99

It seems that it’s a week of all things French, or at least things that sound that way. Tonight myself and some other ladies who like to chat about sustainable style-related matters met at Paris 99 in Elwood to nibble on cheese, crackers and chocolate – and check out some fabulous vintage designer pieces, naturellement!

Unfortunately due to the chic low lighting my camera decided to go on vacance in the room where all the clothes were, so you’ll just have to imagine the black patent leather Givenchy super-high heel peep-toe booties (that sadly were not in my size), flirty little Missoni dress and the rhinestone-framed Nina Ricci sunglasses which would have made every day a holiday (dammit, I am still thinking about them right now!). Of course you could also check out the blog to see some of what’s on offer.
The owner, Yahav Ron, explained that he did not start out thinking of his business as anything particularly sustainable, but apart from the air miles that may be involved in transporting vintage (or second hand) clothing, I’d say it’s pretty earth-friendly – it’s recycling, after all. And the shine from those rhinestone sunnies would save me heaps on my lighting bill…