Hey Dude!

Hi guys, and I do mean GUYS specifically. You see, recently my sister’s friend was out with a guy and who knows how they got to talking about me, but it turned out that this particular extremely intelligent, informed and no doubt exceedingly handsome and charming man reads this blog so recognised my name when the friend mentioned it! 

This news was something of a surprise to me as I don’t think I have ever had any comments from readers of the male persuasion and didn’t think this blog would appeal as there is nary a mention of AFL, cricket, rugby, soccer, or any of the stuff that boys apparently like, despite lots of mentions of cats, op shopping, vintage clothes, earrings, making stuff out of crap and other more girly pursuits. So in honour of this momentous occasion I have composed a little poem.

Hey guys,
Don’t be shy
If you like DIY
Drop by 
And say hi!

Don’t worry, now that that’s out of my system I’ll save my DIYing for clothes and accessories and leave poems alone. But please do say hi if you’re one of my male readers, and you can send a pic of you doing DIY if you like, as there was no image for this post! (Female readers are welcome to do the same. Hey, I’m lucky to have any readers at all, I’m not picky about who comments!!)