Lao limits

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Twitter you are possibly wondering where I’ve nicked off to. Well, I’m on the hunt for fair trade artisans in Laos. I arrived yesterday after lots of rushing around beforehand – I had intended to post about packing really, really light which is the reason for this picture, which I realise is not particularly inspiring but does at least show off some of my batik collection! Tops are on the top row, bottoms (skirts, pants, shorts) are on the bottom row, and dresses are to the right. I had to think about the fact that it will be stinking, sticky hot, I can’t dress too revealingly (not that I think I do normally, but fairly much anything below the knee is out in Laos),everything has to go with fairly much everything else, and that I will possibly leave half of this at the Red Cross in Laos as I rarely wear these things and will no doubt have to make room for all the textiles and jewellery I will be buying! Oh, and I was being tight and only bought a carry-on fare for my flight so my luggage can only be up to 10 kilos.
Anyway, fairly boring post, I know, but hopefully I’ll get some pics up of my adventures in the next few days. Happy weekend!