Shiny shades – a DIY fail?

Have you ever stuffed up a DIY project? Over my years of sewing, there have been quite a few pieces that haven’t turned out exactly as I’d planned, but they’re usually rescue-able. When it comes to glitter, however, it’s not so easy. Not long ago I posted about some DIY glitter wedges which turned out quite well, although I’m still finding bits of glitter in the carpet, on my clothes, in library books, on the cat… Anyway, I still had a whole bag of it left over (thanks to my dad “acquiring it” from work about a zillion years ago) so I decided to bring a bit of bling to some old sunglasses.

  I’m not going to put up a “how-to” because really all I did was spread superglue over the tops of the glasses and then shake glitter onto the sticky bits. In my mind, the glitter was going to be a super-cool accent to the frames. However, they turned out like this:

 Not really super-cool, I think you’d agree… even when someone as super-cool as me is wearing them…

(I was, of course, joking about me being super-cool…)
I’m sure there’s a better way to do this project and it could work out quite well. Maybe I needed to use different glue and a stencil-type thing so the glitter doesn’t spread, although once I noticed it spreading I went into damage control mode and decided to try for a “gradated glitter” effect… which just ended up looking messy….But thinking about it now, a stencil could be the way to go. Even just a stencil of little stars around the outer rims could be cute perhaps? Let me know if you try it!