A Great esCape

For a while I’ve been diligently avoiding op shops due to my already heaving closet, but when I found this wool cape for $6 at Vinnies I couldn’t resist.

Even though I love the suburban super hero feel of a cape*, I find them a bit tricky as I’m usually carrying so much stuff around that I need a shoulder bag, which is kind of awkward to work with a cape both physically and strictly from the point of view of style. Also, this one is only a wool knit, which means it’s not super warm. So I can only wear it on sunny days when I’m playing at being a lady with a slightly more elegant handbag. 

Luckily my friend Fabia was up for a spot of being ladies last weekend when we visited the NGV. It was nice to get some culture. Sometimes a gallery is the perfect esCape from reality, don’t you think?

*I promised myself I would get wear out of this cape ASAP, unlike this one which I am yet to wear in real life!