Year of the Snake… and bandicoot… and zebra…

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Today is the first day of the Year of the Snake, so I went out and found a snake to pose with just for you. Don’t ever say I don’t make an effort for my readers!

No, not really. You know I’m not that organised! These photos are actually from last weekend when I was lucky enough to be invited to the first Rhythm of Africa concert night for this season at Werribee Open Range Zoo. I’ve done a bit of very exciting work with the zoo lately (which will be revealed at a later date) but last Saturday evening was all about enjoying ourselves. We were treated to wine, cheese and nibblies, and got to meet the Madagascan python above as well as this adorable endangered eastern barred bandicoot, which the keeper understandably kept at a safe distance from the snake!

 This Beads Bike was roaming around the zoo.

 Here are some of the wares for sale – gorgeous colourful Beads for Wildlife jewellery, among other things.

 I have been to the zoo before but never had the chance to do a proper safari tour on one of the buses. It’s great fun as some of the animals really get up close! Here are some safari snaps.

 Once the safari was over we strolled around the zoo enjoying the scenery – even though it was about 7pm all the animals were still wide awake (love Daylight Saving!!)

OK, so a blue wren is not exactly an African animal… but this little guy was so cute, I couldn’t resist. I found it hilarious that the wrens are fine hanging out with the lions – these tiny little birds have no fear of the kings of the jungle.

 It’s pretty exciting being at the zoo at dusk! Even more so when there’s a picnic and African music to enjoy. So put an evening aside and come on down to shake your booty just like Cheryl!

今日は旧正月で巳年になったので、蛇との写真を用意しました。どうですか?蛇、そんなに怖くないですよ!なぜ蛇に会えたかというと、Werribee Open Range Zoo でのイベントがあったからです。前にもその動物園と企画をしたから招待されたのですが、蛇とバンディクートというオーストラリアの動物に会ったり、サファリバスに乗ってゼブラやキリンを見に行ったり、ご飯を食べたりそしてアフリカの音楽を聞いて踊ったりしました。イベントがなくても、面白い動物がたくさん会えるサファリパークみたいな動物園なので、機会があれば行ってみてくださいね。