The incredible shrinking jumper

You may wonder where I am and what exactly I’m doing in this shot.

All will be revealed in the very near future (that is, if you haven’t already seen my weekend Instagrams and tweets, in which case you already know) but the purpose of today’s post is just to show you that I have yet again applied the scissors and sewing machine to an item of clothing to update it and get more wear from it. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same – whether you remove part of the garment or add to it? In my case, this jumper just keeps getting smaller. It once looked like this:

The material is a lovely cobalt blue boiled wool (?) that I bought and made into a turtlenecked poncho about 10 years ago while living in Tokyo. But ponchos are not so practical when you need to use your arms (which, unless you are an Irish dancer, is quite often) so, two years ago, I snipped and stitched some sleeves into it like so…

I also removed the turtleneck bit and of course sewed the sides together, removing excess material (I don’t seem to have any photos of this part of the project, but if you want to read more stunning wit about this garment, there are posts here and here.)

It then looked like this. I think at the time I was wanting a long-line jumper to cover my behind.

Recently though, I was trying out pieces in my wardrobe to work out what to keep and what to give to the op shop, and realised that this jumper would look a lot more contemporary if I shortened it. So a few snips and stitches later, here it is. I’m pretty sure this is its final incarnation – there’s not a lot more I could do to it, really!

 Outfit details: fur headband with vintage kimono ties, jumper and skirt all made by me. Everything else was either a present or from op shops and markets.