For high tea with a twist, get thee to a nunnery!

I’m pretty sure if I had worn this outfit to the Abbotsford Convent while it was still in operation more than a few eyebrows would have retreated rather rapidly under wimples. However nobody blinked an eyelid yesterday when, thus attired, I strolled into the convent grounds to partake in A Touch of High Tea with a Twist.  

Alright, I lie. I’m sure quite a few people were casting envious glances over my purple nubuck Arezzo heels, which I recently received from Tragen.

(Do you build your outfit around your shoes sometimes? I felt the beautiful colour* of these shoes needed some highlighting, hence the contrasting red lacy tights which were a present from a friend about a zillion years ago. The rest of my outfit is all from op shops, apart from the dress, which I made myself. It may look tight, but it’s very stretchy – a pre-requisite for a function where eating is the focus!) 

The high tea, presented by Bursaria, kicked off in this enchanting courtyard next to the Rosina Auditorium.

Once inside, Sarah, Sarah, Erica and I sipped on homemade lemonade …

… and waited eagerly (read “impatiently”) for all these goodies to arrive.

Here are some of the savoury items (do I really need to state the obvious and tell you they were delicious?)…

And here is possibly the most heavily-laden high tea cake tray I have ever seen. 

Looking at this, you’d think there were about 20 people on our table. 

There were not 20 people. There were eight. Not that we were accusing Bursaria of overcatering!! 

In fact we were extremely happy with their generosity (organic chocolate pots! panna cotta! mmmmm…)

And in case you were wondering what the “twist” part of the event was, my bet is, if it wasn’t the DJ spinning retro tracks, it was the lady strolling around taking polaroids for people, dressed kind of peacock-style. I took a photo of her and Erica because they were so matchy-matchy.

What? You don’t see the similarity? They’re both in bird themes! See, Erica’s dress from The Clothing Exchange last week is covered in little feathery ones…. 

You don’t have to dress up for this high tea, but if you have a chance to put on a fancy frock, why wouldn’t you? The next A Touch of High Tea with a Twist is on August 18 so you’ve got plenty of time to get the girls together and dig out the glad rags. Of course you could always visit the convent before then, it’s a beautiful spot for a coffee, a chat and a stroll!

「女子修道院」と言えば、「ケーキ」とはあまり思い浮かばないだろうが、メルボルンの元修道院、Abbotsford Conventでは毎月第3日曜日、ハイティーを行っています。クラフトマーケットも同じく毎月第3日曜日行っているから、ぶらぶらしたい週末の午後にぴったり。友達や家族と一緒に修道院の庭園を散歩したり、マーケットで買い物したり、そして紅茶や美味しいケーキなどを楽しむのはどうですか?そしてちょっとドレスアップしたければハイティーはいい機会だと思います!(普通の格好でもいいけど、たまにはちょっとゴージャスな時間でも過ごしたいよね?!)最近TragenからArezzoというブランドのパンプスをもらったけど、始めてはくきっかけになりました。天気があまりよくない日は、カラフルな格好にしてお出かけ!もちろん私はDIYやチャリティショップの服のミックスコーディネートで!

*Indigo is a bit of a theme this week – stay tuned for a giveaway of a similar colour!