Buy a silk scarf – your skin will thank you

Everyone has their retail weakness, and one of mine is silk scarves. If I ever see a basket of them at an op shop or market I find it very difficult to resist a rummage. They’re silk! Silk’s normally expensive!! (Bad logic just to buy something cheap because it’s normally expensive, but hey, I never claimed to be logical!). And often they are kind of works of art, like this one which I scored at a friend’s clothing swap:  
Have you ever heard of the designer (or artist?), Ellos Cortobes? I love finding vintage items by designers who might have been well known back in the day.  

This was an op shop find – just a few dollars and it was mine for the picking (fruit pun intended).
When I worked at Vogue Nippon*, we often got scarves as novelty gifts at press events, like these two by Nina Ricci and Derek Lam. 
Anyway, my main point was that I actually have a great excuse to buy pure silk scarves – they’re good for your skin. I’ve been laying them over my pillow case for years after reading that they cause fewer facial wrinkles, and although I haven’t been able to prove it scientifically, I can tell you that I have fewer creases on my face after sleeping on silk than when I rest my head on a cotton case. (Whether this makes a difference long term, who knows!? Check back with me in 30 years!) 
I thought it was because silk is finer than cotton and therefore the creases are also less significant, but on a Facebook post by Briony Kennedy of Adorn Cosmetics recently I read that cotton’s absorbing quality wicks much-needed moisture (including any creams or lotions applied before bed) out of your skin – making silk a much better option. So next time you’re tempted to pick up a new-to-you silk scarf, don’t feel guilty – your skin will thank you in years to come, and if you buy something from an op shop or market it’s a cheap, easy way to change your bedroom decor too!

*I’m actually “working” for Vogue Nippon again now as a Voguette blogger – check out my posts here. If you don’t speak Japanese (or even if you do) you can have a great laugh over them using Google Translate, although my original meaning might be just slightly altered!!