Life’s sweet at La Belle Miette


You all know that I love a good pun, don’t you? And that I’m a dessert fan too. So when my blogger buddy and all round good-time gal Iolanthe asked me to accompany her to the launch of The Nutcracker Sweets at La Belle Miette last week, it was with considerable alacrity that I accepted in the affirmative.


Catch up over fancy tea, Champagne and super-limited season macarons? Don’t mind if we do…


It was pretty impressive how Iolanthe had perfectly matched her frock to the sublime surroundings, having chosen a lacy little number in similar shades to the pastel-toned macarons and the faraway-lands-inspired wallpaper.


Not having visited the delightful La Belle Miette before, my outfit kind of clashed, but it didn’t stop me making new friends and generally enjoying myself!


La Belle Miette has been in this location since last year (I think?) but as I’m not often up at the Paris end of Collins Street, it was my first visit, and I was suitably enchanted. As soon as you step in to the tiny store, it’s like entering a land of wonder where all your problems are whisked away – don’t you love discovering little gems like this in your own city? Especially when the shop has the seal of approval from the Sugar Plum Fairy herself …



It was very sweet (pun intended) seeing the Fairy nibbling on the tasty little treats and chatting to the children about ballet – some of them were a bit shy about meeting a real live Fairy, but they all left with huge smiles on their faces – and on a side note, no one seemed to be on a ridiculous sugar high, despite us all having consumed many more macarons than is probably advisable in a single sitting. But as gracious guests, it would have been rude not to try all three of The Nutcracker special edition macarons:

“Tea and Biscuits”…


“Sugar Plum Fairy”


“Nutcracker Chocolat”

chocYou can find out more about the special flavours and when they are available here – but don’t wait too long as it’s a strictly limited season (starting this Friday) in sync with the ballet itself, for which you can book tickets here (a good idea for a very early Christmas present?).

Of course if you feel like treating yourself without having to book, you can visit La Belle Miette at any time and enjoy their regular line-up (which is usually served sans slipper).


I really do recommend making time for a pot of tea, some sweets and a good old natter with a lady friend, or an outing to a fantasy-infused ballet, for that matter! Good things happen when you catch up with girlfriends, as evidenced by the sweater coat I’m wearing in these shots taken by Iolanthe (which would have been better if I’d realised my shoulder strap was sticking out, but nobody’s perfect!).


Already one of my wardrobe favourites, it was given to me last month by a lady who is fast becoming something akin to a personal shopper for me: when she’s at markets and op shops, she snaps things up that she thinks I’ll like, and she is always spot on! When she gave me this latest find (that she scooped up for $2.50!), there was nothing actually wrong with it, but I still decided it would be better with a few minor changes (unfortunately I don’t have any “before” shots as I was in a bit of a rush to transform it before Fashion Week). Basically, it started life with big shoulder pads and black buttons and was slightly too big for me, so I removed the shoulder pads and changed the buttons for big bamboo beads instead (they were actually samples for jewellery that I have since decided not to have produced). I also took up the hem slightly and folded up the too-long cuffs – nothing makes a coat look the wrong size more than cuffs totally hiding your hands!


What do you think? It’s the perfect outfit for tea and macarons, non? But then, most outfits are perfect for tea and macarons. Go on, treat yourself!