What I did on my summer holidays – already?

Woohoo! It’s summer! It’s the holidays! Although for most Melburnians, holidays don’t seem to kick in until after Christmas, I’ve been a bit of a rebel and done things the other way around. As I write, I am preparing to return to the big smoke after a few relaxing days in Sorrento.

I’ve been staying in the same lovely old house as earlier this year – it’s nothing like the places on the Millionaire’s Walk, but totally fits in with my memories of friends’ beach houses from my childhood, ie mismatched furniture (although in this case it’s largely original pieces from when the house was built, maybe in about the 1930s), bits and pieces that are no longer needed at the owner’s main residence, abandoned board games and books, and all just a few steps from the sand. That’s what a beach house should be like and I feel very lucky to be able to stay here! This time I’ve been down here with my cousin and her husband and we’ve done quite a bit of exploring, and even some impromptu shopping, thanks to the Rosebud market. There really is something for everyone – all ages and tastes – down on the Mornington Peninsula. This vintage Japanese music box was $8 and I’m pretty sure the stallholder must have been the same lady who I visited a few years ago! (I got a few things at an op shop too, but they might have to wait for a later post).S2We also managed to get to Heronswood, which I have been meaning to do for years. It was well worth it – warning: lots of photos ahead!

The interior of the historic home is given over to a restaurant, where we had a leisurely lunch and admired the views, both within and without.


This was followed by a stroll through the grounds, which feature gardens both formal and informal, some just for admiring…






… and some for eating. There were quite a few plants I’d never heard of, like a moon carrot and  this thistly looking thing called a cardoon (have you ever eaten one?). (There is also a nursery at the entrance to the house where all kinds of heirloom seeds and established plants are sold, including somewhat exotic fruit trees such as chocolate pudding plants and Golden Fruit of the Andes trees.)


The bees were having a lovely day!



Being down on the coast, we did of course also visit the beaches. It felt like we had all of Flinders to ourselves…


… except for some anemones (got to love exploring rock pools – it’s one of those childhood pastimes that still appeal to adults)…


… and a bird or two.


Did you know that there is a fern gully in this area? It’s pleasant for a bit of a bush-bash and if you’re sick of looking at the sea (as if that would ever happen…).



And then there are the sunsets!


Hopefully I’ll make it down here again soon, I’ve visited so many times and yet there’s still so much to see. And what about you, what’s on the calendar for your summer holidays?