Indian inspo

Just a quick post today – although the garment featured wasn’t so fast to make, mainly because I kind of made it twice.India scarf top DIY

Eight years ago I went to India and went a bit overboard buying patterned scarves. Two years ago I decided I was more likely to wear this scarf in dress form, the result being this:10405354_10152412286095213_8596867148311392230_n

I was happy with it at the time but when I went to wear it recently it somehow seemed to expose more leg than I remembered (maybe it was just the shock of seeing my hideous knee scar after my running accident in January?) and the seams around the elbows were coming apart because I hadn’t reinforced the flimsy fabric. So I chopped off the sleeves and brought the hem up on the inside to create a top with a kind of peplum.


This is the top inside out – you can see how the hem is folded up and stitched at the waistline and then folds back on itself for extra volume. Also the (brown) bias binding I used to edge the sleeves, as the fabric was too thin to get a neat result simply by folding it up and stitching.

Indian scarf top flaresredtop4The flimsiness of the fabric didn’t work for a long-sleeved dress, but remade into a top, it’s perfect for warm days – the kind that we’re finally getting here in Melbourne after the recent spate of horribly windy and cold weather. Witness said warm day in these pics taken at Petty’s Orchard where I recently had a lovely lunch (unfortunately my last in the capacity of writer for The Weekly Review – I will be writing about it in the same manner as I did this place)!

Pettys Orchard Indian topSo far I’ve only worn it with jeans but I’m sure I can fancy it up a bit. It’s so much more motivating making summery stuff when the weather is actually summery!Pettys Orchard Indian shawl top