Vintage Clothing Sale at Como: BTS

Como vintage hats

As you might have guessed by now, I’m a big fan of The National Trust, especially when their historical buildings play host to fashion-related events. So you can imagine my reaction when the Trust’s PR team recently got in touch to invite me behind the scenes of their annual Vintage Clothing Sale at Como (frenetic happy dancing… on the inside, that is, because if I actually did a happy dance I’d probably fall over and injure myself).

When I arrived yesterday afternoon, the dedicated volunteers were putting the final touches on about 10 months’ worth of collecting and sorting various donated vintage and secondhand items, including fashion, hats, bags, shoes, linen and accessories (plus some random things like jewellery boxes and coasters). The sale of the items goes towards the upkeep of Como House, so shopping here is practically like you’re personally helping keep this gorgeous building in the manner to which it is accustomed.
But enough prattling. Look what I found!

Como vintage fashion saleThere are plenty of designer items on the racks, including two Kenzo smocks… so tempting at only $100! (Prices hover around the $30-$100 range, but I noticed earrings for $2, and there were also some more expensive things.)

Como vintage sale KenzoThere is some great quality footwear including by top brands such as Ferragamo… I didn’t have enough time to look really closely, but seeing this photo makes me think I should have spent more time with the shoes!

The pieces range from various eras, with quite a few things from the 60s-80s, but there are even a few pieces from further back, such as these sweet Jane-Austen-esque bonnets.

I was quite enamoured of some pants with a cat print all over them, but practicality (and the impending danger that I’ll soon be unable to close my wardrobe doors) won out in the end. If you do end up buying them, please post a photo of yourself wearing them with the hashtag #ComoVintage, because they are really most excellent. (Or you could buy them for me. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Just saying…)

cat print pants

I also had to refrain from this Prue Acton jacket with indigo-dyed panels as it was just slightly too big (I lost a hand in one of the sleeves). But… indigo…

Prue Acton indigo jacket

I found it impressive that stockings once came with a written guarantee!

Como stockingsI could easily have spent the whole day playing dress-ups but limited myself to trying on a hat or two (and the cat pants, of course!) and buying two necklaces, one of which is in the photo below.

Como’s Vintage Clothing Sale is on this weekend, so get your shopping game on! Make sure you play fair though – no sneaking up behind people to steal their treasures!