GIVEAWAY: Night Life exhibition tickets

Rippon Lea Night Life exhibition

Would you like to see the Night Life exhibition at Rippon Lea? Of course you would, particularly if you could go for free and take a friend, right? Well, it must be your lucky day, because what would I happen to be giving away but a double pass to that very exhibition. All you have to do is hop on over to my Facebook page and leave a comment* under the post that contains this photo (just one of the many stunning displays of 1920s and 1930s fashion in the exhibition):

You might have already seen Night Life when it was at Barwon Park Mansion, but there are a few interesting additions now that it is at Rippon Lea, such as a room displaying the wardrobe of Pattilini Wilson, who seems to have been a Melbourne socialite and philanthropist and very keen fashion fan. (You can read about her on p137 of this edition of Who’s Who in the World of Women Victoria Australia).

Plus, Rippon Lea has beautiful gardens to explore once you’ve finished admiring the gorgeous fashions, so it makes for a lovely outing. I’m looking forward to running two workshops there while the exhibition is on – you can find out more here. Maybe I’ll see you at Rippon Lea soon?


*Tag the friend you’d like to take to the exhibition and then say anything you like! Entertain me… send me cat photos… tell me why you’d like to see the exhibition… or what you’ve been doing this week… seriously, anything! I’ll close the competition at midnight EST on May 23 so go and do it NOW.

Also, it goes without saying that you’d need to be able to make it to Melbourne to be in the running for this giveaway. So for my reader/s in France who have been visiting my blog a lot lately, maybe you’d like to plan a trip over here? I’m very curious to know who you are, so even if you can’t come to Night Life, please comment and let me know how you found this little old blog!