Taking a chance on pants: part 2

So you might have noticed I haven’t posted for a while. That’s because I haven’t actually made anything since the last post – but I have done a bit of opshopping! I seem to have found interesting pants* lately, so I thought I’d do a little fashion show.

This stripy, stretchy pair were a whole dollar from the MS opshop, so although I normally wouldn’t risk something so out-there, I took my chance. stripy pants

They’re either circus performer-ish or super high fashion, it really could go either way! So obviously when I’m feeling like a shrinking violet, I won’t be wearing these. But they will be fun when I’m in the right mood (or when I want to make onlookers dizzy!).stripy vintage pants


These tropical print shorts were $4 at Vinnies. I *could* wear them casually with a T-shirt and thongs, but I quite like this more dressy combo. I’ll have to roll up the hems and stitch them in place properly when I have time – at the moment they’ve got safety pins in them!tropical vintage shorts


These are genuine vintage, I’m guessing from about the 1960s. I know this because of the sizing which is SSW which I’d like to think of as small super woman, but is actually slim small woman (more on vintage sizing here).vintage print pantsI could style them in a more retro way with pumps and a shell top, but I kind of like clashing prints so have gone for a bit more of an ethnic look with a top and necklace I made and sandals that I painted.
vintage green pants

The pants were about $6 at the Salvos and no, I really didn’t need them, but the fastening system fascinated me. They have side gussets which fold in and turn into pockets, with multiple buttons and buttonholes on each side of the waist band so if you happen to eat too much you can let them out a bit (I tested this recently after eating too many dumplings!). No zips! Ingenious.

vintage gusset


And last but not least, these fabulous yellow vintage pants which a home seamstress whipped up, again, I’m guessing some time in the 1960s. I found them at Vinnies for about $5.yellow pants

They are very formfitting so I haven’t dared to wear them out yet but I think I’m in love with this outfit so will have to give it a public airing soon – preferably at an event where I don’t have to sit down as I’m not sure how much “give” is in the seams! vintage yellow pants

I wonder if my luck finding alternatives to jeans and shorts will hold out? Who knows what other trousery treasures await at opshops?

*If you want to see more slightly crazy pants, head over here!