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Get Redressed – my challenge for February

You know how you take some things for granted until they’re pointed out to you? That happened to me recently when Redress invited me to take part in their Get Redressed Challenge. The… Continue reading

Multitasking beauty tools

I bet you thought, when you read the title of this post, that I’d be talking about something kind of glamorous like using lipstick as blush. Wrong! I’m not really a glamorous kind… Continue reading

Stocking up on simple DIY style

It’s nearly the end of October, and that means it’s nearly the end of Buy Nothing New month. I think it’s a great idea but seeing as I so rarely buy anything new… Continue reading

Haribo macht Kinder froh…

… und Erwachsene ebenso! (or: Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo).Haribo, in case you were not aware, is the company responsible for Gummibears, which I know would not… Continue reading

Buy Nothing New – fancy swapping party

Before you read this post, I feel I should warn you – there are a lot of bird pictures. Lovebird pictures, in fact. But I’m not talking about some sickening couple pawing each… Continue reading

Buying nothing new @ Hunter Gatherer & BSL

Has anyone else out there taken the Buy Nothing New pledge? Don’t be shy, make yourselves known! As I mentioned a few days ago, I was one of the stylists for Fashion Friday… Continue reading

Stylin’ for Buy Nothing New!

Aggh! Can you believe it’s nearly the end of September!? Where has this year gone?More to the point, are you ready for Buy Nothing New month? Seeing as I only rarely buy anything… Continue reading