Multitasking beauty tools

I bet you thought, when you read the title of this post, that I’d be talking about something kind of glamorous like using lipstick as blush. Wrong! I’m not really a glamorous kind of girl! I’m more about not spending money and making do with what you already have (well, except when I go on crazy sprees at op shops!).
Anyway, today’s post is about a beauty tool that you quite possibly have in your bathroom right now. It’s meant for keeping your feet nice and soft, but did you know that it can make your jumpers look better too? 

That’s right, I’m talking about using a callus remover (is that what it’s called? It looks kind of like a very fine cheese grater on a stick) as a clothes brush to de-pill your jumpers. How many of you actually own a clothes brush? I know I don’t, but that doesn’t matter, because now I know I can use my foot tool thing instead. Here’s what my jumper looked like before:   

But now look at it! 

 All I did was run the callus remover thingy over the surface to scrape off the pilly bits of wool, and now it’s all nice and smooth. Just like my feet, although what I scraped off them was certainly not woolly (but we won’t go into that). 
So there you go – if you had been contemplating buying a clothes brush but you already have a callus remover, now you don’t have to. Enjoy thinking about how to spend all that money you’ve saved!