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10 days, 10 items of clothing

I’ve done it! I’ve successfully completed the Vinnies NewYearNewStyle Challenge that I first posted about here.┬áIn total, I wore the same 10 pieces of clothing for 14 days, but as I’ve already showed… Continue reading

Multitasking beauty tools

I bet you thought, when you read the title of this post, that I’d be talking about something kind of glamorous like using lipstick as blush. Wrong! I’m not really a glamorous kind… Continue reading

How to increase your op shop options

Recently I did a guest post on the Econest blog about finding stuff at op shops. If you’re not already an op shop convert, hopefully reading that post will convince you to give… Continue reading

Make your jewellery multi-task

Whenever I wear this necklace, people ask me where I got it.  Funnily enough though, I didn’t get this necklace. I actually got this one and a brooch quite separately at flea markets… Continue reading

T-shirt tutorial 2: triple treat

Welcome to the second T-shirt tutorial! Did you try making the one I posted about last week? No? Well this one that I modelled for you recently is even easier, and you end… Continue reading

Look who dropped in!

Thanks to my penchant for op shopping and whipping up my own wardrobe, it’s pretty rare for me to turn up anywhere wearing the same thing as anyone else. But great minds do… Continue reading

$2 for new earrings

After all the flattering comments about my legs recently, my ears were getting jealous, so here are some pictures of them that you can say nice things about too. Don’t say I’m not… Continue reading

Scarf style for $1.50

Many months ago, when I was still finding my feet as a blogger (as opposed to now, where I get stopped in the street and offered vast sums of money to advertise brands… Continue reading

Footwear style in-fringe-ment

Are you the kind of person who can never throw anything out just in case it comes in handy some day? I am, although I suspect you had probably come to that conclusion… Continue reading