Make your jewellery multi-task

Whenever I wear this necklace, people ask me where I got it.

 Funnily enough though, I didn’t get this necklace. I actually got this one and a brooch quite separately at flea markets in Tokyo…

…and put them together like so.

All you do is clip the brooch pin through the chain links of the necklace, and voila, a new necklace! (which you can easily dismantle when you need a plainer necklace or a brooch!)

You can do this with just about any brooch and any necklace, so long as the chain links are big enough to pass the pin through. You’ll need to fiddle around to find the best balance, both visually and with regard to how the brooch sits – I prefer a mid-point in the necklace because you don’t often find a necklace like this, and also it swings around too much when I move if the brooch is pinned at the bottom, but if big pendant-look necklaces are your thing, don’t let me stop you!

このネックレスをすると、「それ、どこで買ったの?」とよく聞かれるけど、実はニっ箇所 で購入しました。というのは、一部がチェーンで、一部がネックレスではなく、ブローチです。二つのパーツとも東京のフリマで見つけて、バラバラでしてもいいけど、ブローチの針をネックレスのチェーンに通すとよりインパクトのあるネックレスになります。ブローチの位置を変えたらまた印象が違うからヴァリエーション豊富!簡単なので、皆さんも大きいブローチとチェーンネックレスで「変身可能アクセサリー」を作ってみて〜!