One day I will learn how to do macrame

There are many, many projects on my list of to-do-DIY, and when I found this book at an op shop for $1 this weekend I was reminded that macrame is one of them. Imagine being able to make a leather cape like this!

… or a neckpiece like this… fringing… mmmmm (even better if you have long hair like this that you can flick back photogenically)

I’m not so sure about this “rebozo”, but it certainly is eyecatching (and extremely heavy, no doubt). 

And this seashell necklace… wow!!

Haven’t you always wanted a macrame covered jar for storing your jellybeans? Well, I’m sure you do now… (don’t you love the designer’s name – Ginger Summit. I am imagining a huge conference where everyone talks about spices.)

As in every craft book from the 70s, there is a lot of inspiration in this book. I’m guessing people had time to sit around dreaming up this kind of thing because there was NO INTERNET.

I love the idea of a curtain with built in potplants. How did I never think of this until now?

And this doorway decoration is beautiful too.

Right, that’s it, I’m getting off the internet RIGHT NOW. As soon as I watch a video on how to make macrame, that is…