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200 Years of Australian Fashion

Two hundred years of Australian fashion is a lot to cram into one exhibition, but somehow those clever folk at the NGV have done it! And being somewhat rushed this evening (it’s fashion… Continue reading

Exquisite Threads at the NGV

If you love embroidery, put your hands in the air and say yeah! I’d have my hands in the air just like this little couple┬ábut it makes it a bit tricky to type,… Continue reading

How to turn plants into pom poms

I’m sure you are all aware that I do not possess magical powers of any kind (for those who didn’t know, sorry to burst your bubble!) – and yet, yesterday, I turned plants… Continue reading

Vientiane – yes, again!

If you follow me on social media you might have already seen this amazing jacket, but I thought I’d share it all the same. It can’t hurt to see something this fabulous for… Continue reading

One day I will learn how to do macrame

There are many, many projects on my list of to-do-DIY, and when I found this book at an op shop for $1 this weekend I was reminded that macrame is one of them.… Continue reading

Calling creative types!

Are you looking for somewhere to show off (and sell!) your wares? Some friends  of mine are starting up a new market in the burbs – somewhere that’s crying out for creativity! Titled The Fine… Continue reading

Sisters in crime

Well, if craft were a crime, that is. This post is a blatant attempt at self-and-sister promotion, namely, my sister has a stall at the Made ‘n’ Thornbury market this Saturday. She will… Continue reading

Extreme Crochet Championships

Have you ever wanted a cover to keep your bike warm? Tennis racquets get cold too, but not if they have crocheted covers like these. And it never hurts to heat up the… Continue reading

Dread-ful accessories

We always want what we can’t have, don’t we? In my case, it would seem that having fine, indecisively straight hair has given me a penchant for dreadlocks, which are of course infinitely… Continue reading

In which I learn AGAIN that craft does not pay

Whoever said that crime does not pay obviously meant to say craft. Last time I checked, robbing a bank could yield you a gazillion dollars, whereas my profits from the weekend’s craft stall… Continue reading