Sisters in crime

Well, if craft were a crime, that is. This post is a blatant attempt at self-and-sister promotion, namely, my sister has a stall at the Made ‘n’ Thornbury market this Saturday. She will be selling things that she has made, like these critters (some of her creations are made from old socks! We don’t throw anything out in our family)….

…these conjoined twin elephants…

…these owl quintuplets (I’m sure they’ll be sold separately, although if you wanted to keep them together as a family they’d be very pleased)

…and even brooches…

My sister’s brand is called Make it Wednesday, so look out for that, or just look out for the person who apparently looks exactly like me (which would mean she also looks like Lindy Klim?? Recently my relatives were showing a picture of me around and everyone thought I was her. Flattering, but weird. Just by the by, I have had a market stall next to her and her husband Michael before and they are lovely people – AND they even remembered me when we bumped into each other a while later!)

And what will I be doing this weekend? Well, the Stringybark festival is on again, so I will be at the Remake Remodel tent helping kids and teenagers learn how to refashion clothes, just like last year. Come and visit if you like! I’ll be the one who looks nothing like Lindy Klim.