National Swap Day – let’s make it a date?

Just a short one this evening, and no glamorous pictures of me cavorting in the backyard today as I’m just a little bit exhausted after a weekend which involved:
– a run around the block (taking care to avoid the magpie which swooped me the other day)
– writing articles for the next issue of Peppermint
teaching kids to make stuff out of crap
– dressing as a native American for a wild west-themed murder mystery party for a hen’s night
– nearly finishing the most boring course in the entire universe
– proofreading a program guide for the Fair@Square fashion show which I’m in charge of
– trying to clean up the obstacle course in my bedroom which has been created thanks to several finds in the hard rubbish last week (pictures to come)


– trying to come up with ideas for how to decorate the catwalk for above-mentioned fashion show on the cheap. I’m meeting with the amazing, talented Sian Pascale tomorrow to try to workshop some concepts… I’m kind of liking the idea of balloons all in one colour, kind of like this, but probably in white instead. And maybe with gold ribbons?

The fashion show will be held in the BMW Edge at Federation Square on December 2, just in case you wanted to come along…. just coincidentally, tomorrow evening I’ll be there too, to take part in National Swap Day. Exciting, yes? I already mentioned it here, actually, so you can see what I’m going to swap if you like. Hope to see you there?