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It’s a giveaway for…

Yes! It’s national swap day at the Clothing Exchange on October 28, a great chance to clean out your wardrobe and score some new-to-you threads in time for spring. I will not actually… Continue reading

Chain gang

OK, I promise that this is my last post about National Swap Day! It does seem to have been the event that just keeps on giving, but I’m sure you’re all sick of… Continue reading

National Swap Day scores!

Look what the weather was like in Melbourne yesterday.* 30 degrees in the city!! Perfect for some backyard cavorting and capturing what I got at National Swap Day last week.Here’s a more objective… Continue reading

National Swap Day – let’s make it a date?

Just a short one this evening, and no glamorous pictures of me cavorting in the backyard today as I’m just a little bit exhausted after a weekend which involved:– a run around the… Continue reading