Chain gang

OK, I promise that this is my last post about National Swap Day! It does seem to have been the event that just keeps on giving, but I’m sure you’re all sick of me rabbiting on about what I managed to grab there in exchange for stuff that I no longer needed. Apart from the things I showed you the other day, I also managed to pick up a necklace.

It’s the outermost one shown here, which is very similar to two that I already have as you can see, but I had plans for it as soon as I saw it.

These three necklaces were originally all the same length (did you know that there is a standard length for necklaces? Check any beading book and it will tell you the measurements) so that made it hard to wear them all at the same time as they would knock into one another and not sit nicely. Therefore, some fiddling was required.

Fairly minimal fiddling, admittedly… all I did was use some pliers to attach a length of chain to my National Swap Day necklace and to one of the other ones that I had. I used a longer chain for the NSD necklace because I wanted to wear it on the outer of all these three, and attached some chain to the middle necklace too. Now I can wear them all together and feel kind of like Iris Apfel!