Extreme Crochet Championships

Have you ever wanted a cover to keep your bike warm?

Tennis racquets get cold too, but not if they have crocheted covers like these.

And it never hurts to heat up the basketball hoop…

You may be wondering where I found all this sports-inspired crafty goodness. Well, I was privileged to attend the Melbourne round of the World Extreme Crochet Championships at 1000 Pound Bend a few nights ago. Here are the competitors, practising their extreme sports and crocheting at the same time.

Stuart the snowboarder… check out his board and the snowflakes!

Scuba-diving Doris and her underwater friends…

And I’ve forgotten this guy’s name but let’s call him Parachuting Paul… (his name quite possibly was Paul anyway…)

These three had to crochet a beanie in about an hour to decide who goes to Sydney for the next finals, and after that apparently they get to go to Mexico for the world championships. Doris won the Melbourne heat, by the way.


I’m a little skeptical about whether they actually will go to Mexico because this whole event was actually just a marketing gig for the launch of Matilda Bay’s new cider called Dirty Granny. I like to live in fantasy land, so was sort of hoping an extreme crochet competition really existed, but as soon as I saw that two of the competitors were guys, alarm bells started ringing in my head. I mean, do you know even ONE guy who crochets? So TWO making it to the finals of a competition was a bit suss… the friend I went with happened to know the partner of Snowboarder Stuart, so we got the whole back story – the three “competitors” all work at the one knitting/wool company, and were asked to knit/crochet 5000 coasters for Matilda Bay, and the “competition” grew out from there. Or something like that, anyway. I’d like to think it would be possible to have a real extreme crochet contest some day. What extreme sport would you do while you fire up your hook?