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Two types of turban

I’ve been somewhat slack with the old blogging bizzo lately, haven’t I? This is maybe because I have been out and about the past few weekends, what with Open House Melbourne and staycations… Continue reading

Vinnies Winter Warm-up

In all the time I’ve been writing this blog, I don’t think I’ve once shown you a DIY that hasn’t worked out to my satisfaction. But it just so happens that I’ve been… Continue reading

Knitwit, old-school style

Some girls get their grandmother’s diamonds, others get pearls handed down to them. I, on the other hand, scored something that to me is far more valuable, namely, a Paton’s knitting and crocheting… Continue reading

Yarns about Melbourne

 Just a quick one today – I know that yarnbombing is getting ubiquitous, but I’m still quite partial to it myself. Who doesn’t love rainbow trees and granny squares on the streets? These… Continue reading

MSFW’s new talents

There is always a lot to see at MSFW, and a lot that impresses, but my favourite shows are always the RMIT student showcase and the emerging designer show, which were held on the same… Continue reading

Run Melbourne!

 Look what Berri Drum from Hand Hook Yarn crocheted for me! Panda ears!  Um, why? Because I’m taking part in Run Melbourne this Sunday to raise funds for WWF, which, as you would… Continue reading

Colour & crochet

A little while ago (well, fine, if you want to be picky, it was more than a year ago) I bought yet another not-quite-right garment at an op shop. Like a simple-minded bird,… Continue reading

A hook-up for knitwits

A fun idea, no? I am doing a fashion shoot on that weekend but I’ll try to make it down to city square at some stage. Will I see you there?

Extreme Crochet Championships

Have you ever wanted a cover to keep your bike warm? Tennis racquets get cold too, but not if they have crocheted covers like these. And it never hurts to heat up the… Continue reading

Serpent and the Swan

Earlier this month, Lou and I did a fashion shoot, the details of which I will reveal once it is actually published. As is the case on most fashion shoots, we did not… Continue reading