Run Melbourne!

 Look what Berri Drum from Hand Hook Yarn crocheted for me! Panda ears!

 Um, why? Because I’m taking part in Run Melbourne this Sunday to raise funds for WWF, which, as you would know, has a panda as its symbol. But I didn’t want to wear an entire panda outfit, so a sun visor with ears attached will have to do. As you can see, I had trouble finding a blank sun visor, so this hideous one from a cheap junk shop (yes, totally against my principles!) will have to do (I’m going to cover up the logo!).

The only element of DIY here for me is covering up the logo and stitching the ears on to the visor, so I’m thinking this could be an easy one for kids to do (it is school holidays and I’m sure there are a lot of parents out there who’d appreciate DIY ideas!).You could easily just use felt or other material instead of having to actually crochet the ears, and stitch or glue them to any kind of hat or headband. Kids might actually want to wear this kind of thing in real life, whereas in my case, that’s pretty unlikely!

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