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In the pink with Fire & Shine

I don’t talk about it much on this blog, but running is an important part of my life (mainly because I’m far too uncoordinated to attempt any team sport. Plus, running is basically… Continue reading

Bloggers on the Mornington Peninsula: Part 3

 After all the feasting over the first two days of our bloggers’ trip to Mornington (which was, of course, all selflessly carried out in the name of research) I was in the mood… Continue reading

The Panda Made Me Do It

Why am I wearing this cap again? Simple. The panda made me do it. And as if you can refuse a panda!  WWF Australia kindly sent me this T-shirt after I fundraised for… Continue reading

Run Melbourne!

 Look what Berri Drum from Hand Hook Yarn crocheted for me! Panda ears!  Um, why? Because I’m taking part in Run Melbourne this Sunday to raise funds for WWF, which, as you would… Continue reading