Bloggers on the Mornington Peninsula: Part 3

 After all the feasting over the first two days of our bloggers’ trip to Mornington (which was, of course, all selflessly carried out in the name of research) I was in the mood for a little exercise when Sunday morning arrived. Besides, I could hardly go for a beach holiday without actually making use of the beach! 

 So I grabbed my phone, pulled my sneakers on and went for a 10k run along the Rye foreshore, stopping to snap native flora, fauna and furry locals I met along the way. 

Did you know that black swans like the sea? These ones were really enjoying their morning paddle.

 The sun was very flattering – check out how long my shadow legs are!

 I rounded off my health kick with a green smoothie prepared by Iolanthe, back at Aquabelle Apartments, before making myself look a bit more presentable for lunch.

 Do you think I scrubbed up OK? It was surprisingly warm for April so my choice of outfit wasn’t ideal, but the scenery made up for that.

We had barrels of fun (ha ha) taking photos against the beautiful backdrop upon arrival at T’Gallant winery…

Left-right: Cecylia, Marianne, Iolanthe and Candice showing off their distinctly personal styles (I can’t imagine myself in Cecylia’s elephant jumper and I’ve never been able to work stripes like Candice, for example). It was great to be in the company of such well dressed ladies!

And of course it was great to be among the grapes. Even a non-drinker like myself can appreciate this view!

The T’Gallant staff had kindly prepared the tasting area at the cellar door for the crazy cat ladies among us…

Once the tasting was over the wine connoisseurs among us chose their favourite drop to accompany the midday meal. Anastasia and Iolanthe looked pretty pleased with their selections!

The pizza mains were very moreish, but – dare I say it? – my favourite part of the meal was the olives that we had as appetisers. They had some kind of subtle citrussy flavour to them and I would have loved to take some home as presents (although I’m not sure how many would have actually got to the intended recipients!) but they don’t sell them by the jar. Looks like I’ll just have to go back to T’Gallant for lunch again. Given how much I enjoyed the weekend, I don’t see that being a hardship! 

Bloggers on the Peninsula の三日目にはやっぱり食べ過ぎたことを反省し、運動したくなりました。朝少し早めに起きて、一人で写真を撮りながら10キロメートルぐらい海沿いでジョギングしました。天気が最高によくて、本当にいい場所で、帰るのに荷造りするのがつらかったけど、車に乗ってT’Gallantというワイナリーに行きました。私はワインを飲まないけど、景色もいいし、ピザやオリーブが美味しかったから楽しい時間を過ごせました。食べ終わったら、今週末のプチバカンスが本当に終わったことに気がついてちょっと悲しかったけれど、来月もまたボロガーズとの旅があるので、楽しみが待っています!