Bloggers on the Peninsula: Part 2

 Take a good, hard look at this picture. It’s probably the first and last time you are ever likely to see any of us bloggers captured in exercise gear, minus make-up and shod in sneakers (although Marianne is wearing heels with her trackies because she didn’t bring any sports shoes!). 

 This was us after a “calligraphy yoga” class at the Peninsula Hot Springs, which is how we started the second day of our bloggers’ weekend on the Mornington Peninsula – and if we weren’t relaxed after that, a soak in the various pools that make up the stunning grounds at the springs certainly did the trick. I foolishly did not carry my camera around and so was not able to capture the fabulous view from the spa at the very top of the hill, but it’s certainly an experience I recommend very highly (ha ha… highly… hilltop… get it?).
Of course, after all that relaxing, our tummies were rumbling, so it was with much relief (and undisguised delight) that we settled down to taste the wares at The Alley, a newish cafe inside a browsy-bric-a-brac store called Felix.

I kind of feel like this sign was just for us…

Here’s some of what we tried…
(No, we didn’t eat the cactus! But given how delicious the almond croissant, egg and bacon roll, bircher muesli, cakes – gluten free included – and everything else we tried were, maybe we should have given it a go too!)
The Alley is the sort of cafe I wish were just around the corner from me (although my waistline is kind of glad it isn’t!) – I’ll definitely be visiting next time I’m in Dromana.

If you’re passing by, drop in and say hi to Jasmine and Tani, The Alley’s friendly (and extremely stylishly dressed) owners. Oh, and you might just want to try some of what they’re serving up (“might” meaning “you would be insane not to”).

Once you’ve had your fill of yumminess, feast your eyes on the eclectic mix of locally made, recycled and vintage goods at Felix…

The Felix owner generously gave us each a little bag of goodies including this Olieve & Olie massage bar, which is a genius invention as it acts like massage oil on contact with the skin but is solid, like a bar of soap, so it won’t run everywhere and make a mess. And it really does smell amazing! (By the way, their lip balm is the only one I’ve found that stays on overnight… I’m kicking myself that I didn’t stock up while I was at Felix!)

We made our way back to Aquabelle Apartments via some op shops (as if we didn’t visit enough the day before!?) and after a little nap I took a stroll along the beach to watch the sunset and work up an appetite to do justice to dinner…

Our evening meal was courtesy of Itali.Co in Sorrento and was not only extremely edible (I consumed an entire pizza by myself – hmm, should I be proud of that?!) but rather photogenic too. (The people at the tables around us looked rather bemused at our snapping, but we’re bloggers, that’s what we do!)

Unfortunately my efforts during the main course meant I wasn’t exactly up for dessert, but I thought I’d share this description of tiramisu with you. Says it all, don’t you think?

Bloggers on the Peninsula 二日目へようこそ!早起きで始まった日ですが、Peninsula Hot Springsヨガ、そしていろんな露天風呂でリラックスして、とてもいい天気で気持ちよかった!そして、温泉後、お腹すきますよね!?だから、The Alleyという新しいカフェでブランチをいただきました。ディスプレーケースにはたくさんなおいしそうな物が並んでいましたが、いろいろ試食できるよう、ほぼ格アイテムをウェートレスが持って来てくれました。オーガニックやローカルな物が多くて、なんでもおいしくて、すごく満足なブランチでした。しかも、Felixというお店に付いているカフェなので、注文を待っている間に買い物でもできます。ヴィンテージ品やローカルなアーティストが作ったものが多くて、ぶらぶらしたい日にぴったりな場所です。
オップショップを寄りながらAquabelle Apartmentsにもどって、ちょっと昼寝をしたらもう、夕方になっちゃいました。ちょっと海辺できれいな夕日を見たあと、ディナーのためにまた出発。SorrentoItali.Coでおいしいピザやサラダを楽しみながら、またいろんなガールズの話ができてすごく素敵でした。ただ一つな後悔がありますが、それはなにかというとメインを食べ過ぎたからデザートは無理でした。まあ、また今度でも食べよう!